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Technical rules for flat roofs – Flat Roof Guidebook Part 6


This sixth and final part of our flat roof guidebook discusses the technical rules for flat roofs, choosing right type and number of fasteners as well as the issue of corrosion.


Berechnung der Windlast – Flachdach-Ratgeber Teil 5


The current edition of our guide will deal with the wind load performance in detail and show which information is absolutely necessary for performance.


The wind uplift test – Flat Roof Guidebook Part 4


In part four, you will learn that the results of a wind uplift test can be valuable information for the creation of an initial sizing. But what does it mean and what information can it provide?


Basic concepts of initial sizing – Flat Roof Guidebook Part 3


In the third part we deal with the topic of initial sizing. Which influencing factors play a role in the quantitative analysis, and which parameters are required to create the initial sizing?


Types of anchoring with roofing membranes – Flat roof Guidebook Part 2


This second part will address the different types of anchoring with roofing membranes.


Planning basics – Flat Roof Guidebook Part 1


In the first part of our new guide, learn everything about the basics of planning a flat roof. What is the difference between a flat roof and a pitched roof?