Exterior view EJOT Brasil
EJOT Brasil is a German subsidiary specialising in fasteners for the construction industry, with a wide range of activities in various segments, including metal construction, anchoring systems, flat roofs, façades, window frames and solar products. EJOT Brasil began operations in 2022, establishing itself in Jundiaí, São Paulo, in an area of 1,411 m², with a small team.

Over the course of 2023, we expanded our technical sales team and invested significantly in training our employees, always aiming for the continued expansion and consolidation of the EJOT team. 

EJOT Brazil is not just limited to the country's borders; we are expanding significantly throughout South America, consolidating partnerships and becoming the main reference in fasteners across the continent. We value family-centred principles, prioritising interpersonal bonds and connections that are reflected in long-lasting, healthy relationships.
We are a highly profitable company that values independence and is open to partnerships. We lead the international market with our innovative fastening systems in the segments in which we operate. By understanding and analysing our customers' needs, we have developed expertise in fastening solutions, using our technical knowledge to explore new areas of application. Our customers' trust is founded on our innovative, high-quality products, supplied through international partnerships.

We are committed to constant improvement, constantly evaluating our performance and guaranteeing high quality standards in all our operations. All our products are certified and approved by international construction organisations, offering our customers security and confidence when purchasing our products.

EJOT ®: Our Mission, Vision and Values.